It's recommended that you don't eat anything 2 hours prior to and after treatment. Drink lots of water before and after treatment. Exercise for 30 to 60 minutes a day to help with your body's process of fat removal. This could be a walk with the dog, a walk around the mall, or your normal exercise routine.
The general rule of thumb is, if you want something treated, expose it. For guys, we recommend light-colored boxers or briefs. For women, we recommend a light-colored thong-style bottom, and they can keep their bra on unless they want their upper back fat treated as well. We can maintain your modesty throughout the process so you feel comfortable. Just make sure when you come in that your skin is free of lotions or oils, and we encourage you to clean your skin prior to your treatment to ensure the best results.
Fat cells won't be destroyed, it depletes the contents of the cell. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should allow your results to remain. However, an unhealthy lifestyle may cause your fat cells to refill with new fat. Depleting a fat cell is safer than killing it, which is what heat based, ultrasound, radio frequency, and fat freezing devices do. If fat returns after a cell has been depleted, it will go to the same place. If fat returns after your fat cells have been killed, patients of those procedures commonly see side effects like dysmorphic or visceral fat.
Those who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant or light-sensitive, taking light sensitive medication or have liver problems shouldn't undergo this procedure. A healthy liver plays an essential role in the processing and removal of the fat from the body.