Not All Red Light Is The Same image
What distinguishes our light from other red lights that you see online or at your gyms is its unique photonic energy output intensity. The most powerful consumer-grade LED red light currently has a photonic energy output intensity of 153 mW/cm² per device, tailored for skin tightening, pain reduction, muscle relaxation, and healing.

Our medical-grade LED red light has a power density of 1600 mW per diode, and our machine features 150 diodes covering a 17x23 area, resulting in a photonic energy output of 262.5 mW/cm². It is specifically designed for fat reduction, skin tightening, and pain reduction caused by inflammation.
Consumer-grade lights may have multiple LEDs with wavelengths measured in nanometers (nm) that fall within the gold, blue, and red light spectrum, claiming to offer various benefits. However, consumer technologies also struggle to consistently maintain the beneficial wavelength during treatment, sometimes fluctuating by as much as 40nm+/-.

In contrast, our patented medical grade light consistently stays within a 2nm+/- range at the beneficial wavelength in red light, tricking the fat cell into releasing its contents during treatment. No other red light possesses the photonic power to penetrate the body as deeply as ours does. While the red light at many gyms may penetrate up to 5mm (0.19 inches) below the skin, our light can penetrate up to 10cm (3.9 inches) below the skin.